Enduring the Loss of a Pet Companion

Enduring the Loss of a Pet Companion

Losing a pet has a tremendous impact. We understand that they are not just animals but a part of the family. We are here to assist during this difficult time and provide you options to ensure your pet is properly cared for. Please use the following information to inform yourself. Please contact us if you have further questions, thank you.

Passing at home

If your pet passes away at home or make the important decision of euthanasia at home, we can coordinate with the family and your veterinarian to transfer your pet into our care or you can bring your pet to our Batavia or St. Charles locations.

Passing at a veterinarian

If your pet passes at the veterinarian or you make the important decision of euthanasia you can tell the veterinarian that Moss Family Paws is the pet crematory of choice and we can coordinate transfer into our care.

The Process

In order to process with the cremation, we will need a simple authorization that provides information about your pet, yourself, and your signature. You can fill this form out in person, online, or you can download it and fill it out as well.

We will obtain a print of your pet for you prior to cremation. The cremated remains are returned in an urn. Other options are available as well.

We try to be as expedient as possible and the cremation process normally takes less than 3 days. We will call to schedule a time for pick-up or return when the process is complete.

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